All app prices in New Zealand Dollars
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Eggy Words 100 (Free or $4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $4.19 for iPad)
Alphabet Organiser (Free for iPad) Create letter pages for an alphabet book

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Letter School ($4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $4.19 for iPad) Fun app for forming letters using different graphics
Kids Finger Painting (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Draw the letters, play a matching game
Kids Writing Pad ( $1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $1.29 for iPad) Has lines where you can practise your handwriting
Beginning Sounds Interactive ($1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $1.29 for iPad) Choose the letters you are going to practise and then play the sounds game.
ABC Song (Free) Listen to the song, find the letters on the keyboard.
Little Artist ($1.29) Finger paint over the letters
Feed Me (Free) 26 simple ABC questions.
abc First Step -Letters & Sounds for iPads (Free or $2.59)
Magnetic ABC (Free to $2.59) Just like a magnetic board, make words and pictures by clicking and dragging the letters and symbols around.
abc PocketPhonics (Free to $2.59) Teaches the letter sounds of the alphabet, plus Blends. Practise writing the letters as well.
Alphabet Tracing (Free) Follow the animations and write the letters.
Alphabet Jungle ($1.29) Tap on a letter, tap on a sound. Use the VGA out to project. Has the ABC song, practise writing the letters.
Dot to Dot Number Whiz (Free to $2.59 for iPad) Teaches counting and/or alphabetical order.
RedFish Alphabet 4 Kids (Freefor iPad) Behind each letter is a surprise
RedFish 4 Kids ($13.99) letters, sounds.
Alphabetic (Free or $2.59) Find all the letters of the alphabet in order from the mixed up letters. Quite challenging and fun.
Alphabet Fun ($2.59 for iPad) Alphabet, colours, numbers. Trace over letters or words
ABC and Me ($2.59 for iPhone; $2.59 for iPad) 3 Alphabet sets and 3 different Dolche Basic Word activities.
iWriteWords (Free or $4.19 for iPhone or Free or $4.19 for iPad) Practise your handwriting by tracing over the letters.
Letter Find ($2.59 for iPad) Choose a letter and then find it in all of letters that appear
I can write ($1.29 for iPhone) Practise writing your letters
Letter of the day ($2.59 for the iPhone/iPod Touch; $2.59 for iPad) Letter formation, letter sounds and games
ABC Tracer (Free or $2.59 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $2.59 for iPad) Letter formation
ABC Big Print Trace (Free or Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free and Free for iPad
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BobblewriteHD (Free for iPad) Learn to write numbers and letters
Elmo loves ABC (Free or $6.49 for iPad) Songs and videos about letters
Word Wizard ($4.19 for iPad; $4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Make CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words, phonemes, grapheme correspondence, listen to the sounds and make the words
Letter of the Day ($1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $2.59 for iPad )