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http://www.jsharp.co.nz Main website information about courses and resources

e-Learning and Integration

http://sharpjacqui.blogspot.com ICT Teaching and Learning (integration of ICT into curriculum areas)

http://elearningclassroom.wikispaces.com e-Learning project support wiki. Follow the journey of several teachers who are changing the way they teach and students learn

http://elearningclassroom.blogspot.com/ My observations of how teachers from a variety of schools set up e-Learning classrooms, the successes and the not so successful events.

http://puttheeinlearning.wikispaces.com/ Put the e in e-learning, half day professional development wiki

http://ictprofessionaldevelopment.wikispaces.com/ The 21st Century Classroom is a wiki on the resources I use when I am teaching in a classroom

http://literacyandict.wikispaces.com Literacy and e-Learning

http://mathsandelearning.wikispaces.com Maths and e-Learning (under construction)

http://teacheraidesandcomputers.wikispaces.com/ Teacher aides and computers

http://childrenasresearchers.wikispaces.com/ Children as Researchers (still under construction)


http://jacquisharp.blogspot.com Web2.0 and Education (Web2.0 tools that can be used in Education)

Tools and Devices

http://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/ How to use iPhones & iPods in the classroom

http://mimioiwb.blogspot.com/ Interactive Whiteboards and mimios

http://interactiveboardsandelearning.wikispaces.com/ Using Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom(under construction)

Hints, Tips and Tutorials

http://wheretostartwithwikisandblogs.wikispaces.com/ help with wikis and blogs

http://jacquiscourses.blogspot.com Course Support Blog

http://schoolsandmacs.blogspot.com/ Hints and tips for Mac users

http://powerpointcanbegreat.wikispaces.com/ How you can make PowerPoints great


http://delicious.com/sharpjacqui Delicious website bookmarks

http://365daysharpjacqui.blogspot.com/ A blog about a photo a day

http://digitalportfoliotrial.wikispaces.com/ Example of a Digital Portfolio

http://www.slideshare.net/sharpjacqui Slideshare presentations

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