Take a Video, Photo or Square

Take a photo of yourself

Slide the 'Video, Photo, Square' panel to make selection. Tap the white button to take a Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.21.28 pm.pngphoto or square shot, tap the red button to take a video and then tap it again to stop recording.
Tap the 'Switch camera' button and then you will see yourself Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.21.55 pm.pngin the photo

Using the Camera (iPhone only)

Take a screen shot

Activate your camera from the lock screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Use the volume up and down buttons as the shutter button.
Take a screen shot of any screen on your iPad/iPhone or iPod Touch by pressing the Home button and the on/off button together, the screen will flash white and the screen shot will appear in your Photos

Create folders (albums) in Photos

Go to Photos. Make new folders by going to Albums, tap on the + button, at the top lefthand side. Name the album.Tap all of the photos that are going to appear in an album, tap Done

Photo stream

Panorama Camera (iPhone only)

Photos taken on your device can be shared to your computer or other devices. Turn on Photo stream by going to Settings- Photos & Camera- My Photostream on your device. Turn on Photostream on your Mac by opening iPhoto and going to iPhoto - Preferences - Photostream.

And these are the instructions for adding Photos from your iPad/iPhone to Pictures on your Windows computer. You will need to download the iCloud Control Panel.
Tap on Options and then Tap on Panorama.
Tap the camera icon and move the camera to the right keeping the arrow on straight line
pana.jpgpana 2.jpg

Rules of three Grid (iPhone only)

Change Exposure or focus
Tap on the Options and then slide the Grid button to On. When taking photos make sure that an object is intersecting on four of the Grid lines
Tap on the screen to show a yellow square, tap anywhere on the screen and look to see how it changes the lighting of the photo, also set your focus of the photo by tapping on what is the focus of your photo.

HDR High Dynamic Range

Send multiple photos to Mail or Facebook

Take photos in HDR by tapping on HDR off
Go to Photos, tap Edit, tap on all of the photos you want to send (limit 5) Tap Share and select Mail. You can also share to Facebook, a Photo Stream, Print or Copy.