With some help from schools that are using iPod Touches and iPads, this page will have some tips and ideas of how to manage all of that equipment.

If you are a member of this wiki, please feel free to add your tips and ideas to this page!

Update 19/01/2012: This maybe a precursor to App Volume Purchasing

Saving Pages #2 (@sharpjacqui)
if you do not have a Mac OS X server, and if you can't print from your iPad, then you can copy your Pages and Keynote documents to iTunes. Ensure that all updates on iPad and Mac comput2011-02-16_1615.pngers are up to date.
Find a file that you want to copy to your computer, click on My Documents button, tap on the Send button (1.) and then tap on Send to iTunes (2.). Select what format you want it to save in.
Connect your iPad to the laptop, click Cancel on the Sync iPad
Click on the name of your iPad when it appears in the iTunes Window
Click on the Apps tab 2011-02-16_1619.png
Scroll down and click on either Pages or Keynote and the copied file will appear in the side panel, click on the file and then click on the Save button, choose where to save.
Saving Pages #1
Anthony (@antz86)
You can save Pages documents from the iPad to a school server by clicking on 2010-11-11_0935.pngMy Documents, click on the Send button and then click on 'Copy to WebDav' and then enter your servers address and a user name and password. You will need a server that supports WebDAV, if you are running Mac OS X server it is built in.
devices (@antz86)
individualise iPod touches and iPads by setting a screen background with numbers
Syncing #1
If you are using a mobile pod of iPod touches and/or iPads, there needs to be one dedicated laptop to go with them, otherwise syncing will become a nightmare with apps being wiped of devices.
Charging #1
For security reasons devices need to be locked away but that is also the best time to charge them. When making purchases of devices think about putting a powerpoint in a lockable cupboard so that they can continue to be charged
Staff #1
Before setting the iPod Touches up in the classroom get your teachers an ipod Touch of their own so they can explore and use it before the children do. This will give confidence to the staff on how to use them and also get them sharing what apps they find useful.
Staff #2
Have the staff set up their own iTunes account, when it comes to purchasing method select "none". Give your staff an iTines gift card so they can purchase apps. When setting up the account use the staff members school email address.
Upgrade to the new version of iOS 4.2 as soon as it becomes available. Restrictions (found in the Settings) include the ability to turn off the installation or the deleting of apps. You can also hook up a MobileMe account to use the "Find my iPad" service, and then restrict the use of that account so it cannot be used for anything else.
Managing Apps #1
We have used a schoolwide iTunes account so that all apps that are downloaded will be able to be used on all our iPods and iPads without having to purchased again.
Shortcuts to websites (Christine at The Gardens)
Use the bookmark feature 'Add to Home Screen' and bookmark commonly accessed websites such as Google, web mail, Google Docs, class wiki etc
Sharing Google Docs (Christine at The Gardens)
You can't initiate sharing on a document with the iPad, you need to set up the document and where it is going to share with on a laptop first. Once the document is shared you can share on iPads.

Tony Vincent has put together this invaluable guide to setting up devices for the classroom 'Classroom iPod Touches and iPads: Dos and Don'ts'

iPad/iPod Touches Collaborative meetings

This is the first of many meetings where teachers in charge of devices in their schools meet to discuss issues and successes with iPads and iPod touches

Download iPhone Explorer and use it as an external storage