Strategic Games

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The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPads) Build and rule your own Elven or Dwarven city
Sims 3 International ($6.49) Look after your Sim and all his/her needs, build bigger or better houses, make a lot of money, keep them happy
Sims 3 Ambitions ($4.19) Build dream homes or businesses, have babies
Sims 3 World Adventure ($4.19) Travel the world with the Sims.

Sims Medieval ($6.49) Play the sims in medieval times. Choose Heroic Quests

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Aurora Feint (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) Logic Puzzle, matching patterns
Bejeweled ($1.29 ) Puzzle Game. match the gems
Everest (Free, $4.19 for iPhone or Free or $9.99 for iPad) An object finding race to the top of the mountain
Trace (Free) Draw a path avoiding obstacles to reach your goal.
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Topple (Free to $1.29) Logic game.
ReMovem (Free to $1.29for iPhone or Free for iPad) Tap to select two or more balls of the same colours.
Epic Citadel (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) Explore the Realm of the Epic Citadel and discover all its secrets.
Paper Toss (Free or $1.29 for iPhone; Free or $1.29 for iPad) Toss the paper into the bin
Super MisterMind ($1.29 for iPhone or $1.29 for iPad) Play mastermind on your device.
The Stone of Destiny ($5.29) Find the treasures ans solve the mystery
Smurfs Village (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) Oddly addictive sim game. Keep building houses and harvesting crops, play games to earn money (Warning: you can buy 'Smurfberries to hurry up game but these cost real money!)
Mushroom Age (Free or $6.49 for iPhone; Free or $9.99 for iPad)
Find Vera's fiance who has gone missing. Verbal and visual instructions guide you through the tasks.
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Pickin Stix (Free, or $1.29 for iPhone; $1.29 for iPad) Based on the 'Pick up sticks' game.
Tetris ($1.29 for iPhone or $6.49 for iPad) Traditional tetris game
Time Builders. Pyramid Rising (Free or $9.99) Build the Egyptian Empire by building villages and upgrading them in a time limit.
Mahjong Triplet (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) make patterns of three
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Mahjong Deluxe Free (Free) Chinese Solitaire games
The Simpsons 'Tapped Out' (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Homer has managed to blow up Springfield, so you need to rebuild it.
Candy Crush (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) match the jellybeans and lollies

Traditional Board or Card Games

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r iPad
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Cluedo ($1.29) Traditional Cluedo game.
Battleship ($1.29 for iPhone or $4.19 for iPad) The traditional version of Battleship with amazing graphics and animations.
Monopoly ($1.29 for iPhone or $9.99 for iPad) The traditional version of Monopoly. Play others through wifi and bluetooth. Multiplayer through iPod and iPhone as well.
The Game of Life ($4.19 for iPhone or $9.99 for iPad ) Traditional version of game with great animations.
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Yahtzee ($1.29 to $4.19) The classic yahtzee game. Will link to your Facebook account as well so that you can play others.
Jenga ($1.29 for iPhone; $1.29 for iPad) Play traditional Jenga on the iPod touch or iPad.
Chess with Friends (Free) Play with friends.
Trivial Pursuit ($1.29) based on the Trivial Pursuit game.
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Uno (Free or $1.29 for iPhone or Free or $1.29 for iPad) Play this card game on one device or with another one at the same time.
Snap ($1.29) Play the card game snap, by finger tapping the cards to win.
Pyramid (Free to $1.29) Pyramid Solitaire game.
Words with Friends (Free or $1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $1.29 for iPad) Just like scrabble, play with your friends.