To find these Apps, go to iTunes. Type in the name of the App in the Search box, press Enter.
All prices quoted here are in New Zealand dollars.
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Chicktionary (Free or $2.59 Free on iPad) Word Games.
abc PocketPhonics (Free or $4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $4.19 for iPad) Teaches the letter sounds of the alphabet, plus Blends. Practise writing the letters as well.
Phonics Tic Tac Toe (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Look at the picture and tap on the ending of the word
Sentence Builder ($8.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $8.29 for iPad) Build grammatically correct sentences.
Scrabble (Free or $2.59 for iPhone; $9.99 for iPad) Play with others and make words out of 7 tiles.
Sentence Maker (Free $1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $1.29 for iPad) Drag the words down to make the sentence.
Grammar Jammars (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch to $4.19 for Elementary, $4.19 for Middle ) Elementary, Primary and Middle are available as separate apps. Click on the different parts of speech in the sentence. Bright colours and cute graphics make this app visually appealing.
Grammar Fun Pro ($4.19 for iPod Touch) Fun way to learn about parts of speech.
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Bluster (Free for iPad) Find the rhyming words.

iCardSort (Free) Move cards around, type in information, brainstorm, use for sentence and word exercises. Could be a publishing tool as well.