To find these Apps, go to iTunes. Type in the name of the App in the Search box, press Enter. All prices quoted here are in New Zealand dollars.


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iTranslate ($2.59 for iPad; $2.59 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Translates many languages, send by email, sms, voice recognition

Lingolook China ($6.49 NZ) Tap on the English phrase
you wish to translate and it will speak the phrase in
Chinese Mandarin. It has suggestions for sentences
that may continue the conversation. Learn to speak
common phrases by listening and copying or show the iPhone or iPod with the Chinese characters . This App is also available in French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.
Speak Gaelic ($1.29) Learn how to speak Irish Gaelic. Has audio recording and punctuation guide.
Cantonese ($13.99 to 15.99) Learn to speak Cantonese through images, quizzes, record your own voice, point scoring feedback
Translator (Free) Type the sentence to be translated, choose the language you want to translate it to and the translation will appear.
Learn Te Reo Maori ($2.59) Learn te reo by a drill and quiz process.
French ($1.29) Multlple choice questions
Lingolook France ($6.49) Has essentials, travel, lodging, leisure, food and drink, shopping phrases
Lonely Planet Mandarin ($8.29) over 600 phrases.
Samoa Language ($1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $1.29 for iPad) Dictionary of 5000 English to Samoan words and 12000 Samoan to English words.
Samoa Dictionary (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad)
Te Reo Maori ($5.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $5.29 for iPad) Comprehensive dictionary and translator
Kiwiana ($4.19) for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad). Variety of choices with this app, some Te Reo, Games, General Knowledge