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Inspiration Maps (Free or $13.99 for the iPad) Kidspiration Maps (Free or $13.99) Excellent mindmapping and Graphic Organiser app
Tools for Students ($1.29 for iPad) Tools for Students 2 ($1.29 for iPad) Graphic Organisers
Idea Sketch (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Draw diagrams and mindmaps and convert to a text outline.
iCardSort ($8.29 for iPad) Move cards around, type in information, brainstorm, use for sentence and word exercises. Could be a publishing tool as well.

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Popplet (Free or $6.49) Create mindmaps with pictures and movies, also available as a website
Simplemind (Free or $9.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $9.99 for iPad)
Mindmeister (Free for iPhone or $10.99 for iPad) Create mindmaps or edit ones that have been created on computer.