To find these Apps, go to iTunes. Type in the name of the App in the Search box, press Enter.
All prices quoted here are in New Zealand dollars.
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In a word...Drama ($2.59 for iPhone, iPod Touch; $2.59 for iPad) Create movie trailers with photos, voice overs and music
Green Screen Movie FX ($2.59 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Record in front of a green screen, choose a background.
Action Movie FX (Free for iPhone/iPod touch; Free for iPad) explosive movie recording app
Extreme FX (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) More explosive movie recording
Screenchomp (Free for iPad) Record your drawings, tell a story, show the workings for a maths problems
I can Animate ($4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $4.19 for iPad) Create animations, use the camera, can be exported to email, Youtube and iMovie
Rover (Free for iPad) Play flash content such as Mathletics and Funbrain on your iPad.
iMovie ($6.49 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $6.49 for iPad) Make movies
Animoto (Free for iPhone) Create music videos with your photos. Share to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, email, Google, blogs and wikis.
VLC Media Player (Free $2.59 $6.49) Plays any media format. Load movies off your laptop onto the iPad using the share and sync in iTunes
DoInk Vector Animator ($6.49 for iPad)create Flash style animations and then share them to Youtube.
Slideplay ($4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $4.19 for iPad) Make a slideshow with photos and a voice over.
Show Me (Free for iPad) Interactive Whiteboard. Record your voice and your drawings and share them.
SonicPics ($4.19 for iPod; $4.19 for iPad)
Create slideshows with your photos and narrate them. Upload to Youtube or wifi to your computer.
Animation Creator (Free or $1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $2.59 for iPad) Draw your animations, manage the frames, upload to Youtube as HD. Great publishing tool!
Reel Director ($2.59 for iPod; $2.59 for iPad)
Create videos with titles and effects, separate audio from video and add your own.
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GarageBand ($6.49 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $6.49 for iPad) Make Podcasts, make music
Prezi (Free for iPad) Show your presentations using Prezi
Storyboards (Free to $18.99 for iPad) Use the characters and props to make scenes, screen capture each frame and then download to Keynote on iPad or to computer
Zumocast (Free) Stream multimedia content from your laptop to your iPad.
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Tellagami (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Create short stories with characters and settings, and dialogue. Click here for some ideas of how to use Tellagami
Explain Everything ($4.19 for iPad) import notes and webpages from Evernote, Dropbox files and then annotate, animate and narrate. Just like an IWB but using your iPad. Ideas of how to use this app.
Touchcast (Free for iPad) Create video that is layered with websites, youtube clips and green screens.
Silent Film Studio ($1.29 for iPad; $1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch) make a movie with old time effects