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Coach's Eye ($6.49 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad) Fabulous Video analysis tool. Video the student and replay in slow motion or frame by frame with annotations, verbal feedback and diagrams
The Walk ($5.29 for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad) Fitness Tracker, Game and Story. Walk the length of the UK while solving a mystery. The app will track your steps. Walk in the real world to move in the game.
Video Tagger Pro ($4.19 for iPad) Capture and tag sports performance.
Slow Fast slow ($2.59 for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad) Take video footage and slow the video down to 1/8 of its speed.
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Pedometer (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch)
The Pedometer app tracks your steps, distance travelled and calories burned. More suitable for iPhone or iPod Touch. Has music playback integrated.