To find these Apps, go to iTunes. Type in the name of the App in the Search box, press Enter.
All prices quoted here are in New Zealand dollars.


Flashlight (Free for iPhone; Free for iPad) This free App turns your iPod into a Flashlight, slide the screen for different colours. Hold your iPhone or iPod down in the dark for it to shine like a flashlight.
AppBox Pro ($2.59)Alarm clock, battery life, currency converter, days until holidays, ruler, measurement converter, tip calculator and lots more in one single app
Pulse News Reader (Free iPhone; Free iPad) Visual news reader
Airdisplay ($13.99 for iPhone; $13.99 for iPad) Use your iPod or iPad to extend your computer screen display.

Calculator (Installed on iPhone, free for iPad for cutdown version, $1.29 for enhanced version). Turn iPhone, iPod or iPad sideways to access scientific calculator.
Documents to go ($13.99 for iPhone $13.99 for iPad) View, edit, create, manage and synchronise Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Documents to go Premium ($20.99 for iPhone $20.99 for iPad) View, edit, create, manage and synchronise Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Support includes Google Docs, Dropbox and Sugar Sync. Compatible with Win & Mac
Metservice NZ (Free) Comprehensive weather and traffic updates for NZ

eWeather HD ($2.59 for iPhone or $2.59 for iPad) Visual pictures of weather, shows hourly predictions and long range forecast for 8 days. Shows alerts and Earthquake informaton
Find my iPhone (Free for iPhone; Free for iPad) Find your lost or stolen device anytime.
Flipboard (Free) View websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader) like magazine pages. Make a classroom Flipboard with articles that would interest your students. Look at this example
GoodReader for iPhone or iPad ($6.49) Read huge text or PDF files. Use the markup , highlighting, sticky notes and more tools,
Weather NZ ($2.59 for iPhone; $2.59 for iPad) latest marine and general weather reports.
iCardSort (Free or $8.29) ) Move cards around, type in information, brainstorm, use for sentence and word exercises. Could be a publishing tool as well.
Mindmeister (Free for iPhone or $10.99 for iPad) Create mindmaps or edit ones that have been created on computer.
Google (Free iPad version) access all the apps that come with Google (Docs, Reader, Calendar, Gmail, Talk, News, Maps, Youtube, Earth etc)
Printopia ($19.95) Not an app. Download to computer and it will appear on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the printing options. Has been recommended by many NZ educators
Total Recall (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) Mindmapping App
Popplet (Free or $6.49) Create mindmaps with pictures and movies, also available as a website
eWeather Pro HD ($2.59 or $2.59 for iPad) Ten day and hourly forecast

Lino (Free, iPhone or iPad) Add stickies, photos, take photos and add them to a virtual corkboard
abcNotes (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) Sticky notes, use for mindmapping or making lists
Manage by Stickies ($1.29) Organise yourself by creating stickie, make to do lists or set your goals for the week and track your progress
Remote Snap (Free for iPhone or $4.19; Free for iPad or $4.19) Send photos to laptop without connecting with leads. Download Mac laptop app as well
Heytell (Free) Suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Voice texting, works well on strong 3G and wifi. Works just like a text but you leave voice messages rather than text messages. Quicker than texting.
Appshopper (Free) Suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Updates daily Apps that have come down in price or have gone free for short period of time. Needs to be checked regularly to catch the bargains.
Skype for iPad (Free) Video talk, text talk or audio talk
Facebook (Free) Suitable for iPhone.
Until a suitable Facebook app is found for the iPad, just use the internet Facebook page

Viber (Free) Make phone calls and text for free as long as you have a strong wifi or 3g connection
Keynote ($13.99) Presentation software. Use to show presentations made in PowerPoint or Keynote

Storage apps

Screen Shot 2012-08-09 at 6.28.07 PM.png
Dropbox (Free for iPhone or Free for iPad) Online storage facility. Retrieve documents saved from your computer.
Box (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad)
Lockbox (Free to $4.19) Store your user names, passwords, account details. A number password is needed to enter it.
Evernote (Free for iPhone; Free for iPad) Create text, photo and audio notes. Store clips from webpages.
Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 9.49.51 AM.png

Do it (Tomorrow) (Free for iPhone; $2.59 for iPad) Make a list for today and what you don't do today transfers to the next day
SecondBrain ($1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Store your passwords, back up to Dropbox

Keeping up with the News

New Zealand Herald (Free - iPhone or iPad)
Keep up with the News Headlines nationally and internationally
CNN (Free - iPhone or iPad) Keep up to date with International News
Stuff (Free - iPhone or iPad) Another perspective on the news
Twitter (Free) Keep up to date with your Twitter streams.

Professional Learning

TED (Free - iPhone or iPad) TED talks
Kindle (Free) Suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Buy Professional Reading books from Amazon for half the price and storage at your fingertips.
Examples of eBooks are
The Element Ken Robinson
21st Century Skills James Bellanca
Playing with media Wesley Fryer
iBook (Free) Suitable for iPhone, iPod Touch
and iPad
You can't buy books with this app in NZ but it is
a great PDF reader. When you get an email with
a link to a PDF or you find a PDF in a browser
search you get an option to choose how to read it. Choose the iBook option and it will go onto a shelf and stay there.