iPrompts ($64.99) Picture based prompting app that aids in the transition from one activity to the other.
Proloquo2 ($249.00) Provides natural sounding text to voice with a vocab list over 7000 words. They are updating all of the time, if you have any problems with it, go to settings to make changes.
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Danny the Dragon ($4.19) Interactive story with a sign language mode.
NZSL Dictionary (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) New Zealand sign language
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Calm Counter ($4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $4.19 for iPad) When a child is having difficulty calming down, put them somewhere with this app, it has a countdown with grumpy to smiley face expressions

iPad apps for Visually Impaired

Comprehensive list of apps for Special Education created by Eric Sailers

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education

Special Education and the iPad from Hunter Berk on Vimeo.

Bookreview Apps suggestions for Autistic and Aspergers children