All prices quoted here are in New Zealand dollars.
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Spelling City (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Spelling City is also available here
Wurdle ($2.59 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $2.59 for iPad) Unscramble the letters to make words puzzle.
Tap and drag the letters to make a word. You have a time limit. Shake the board up to make new letters.
Words for Friends(Free or $4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free or $4.19 for iPad ) An addictive word game, where you can play up to 20 different games at one time, has chat facility and push notifications to your iPod.
Quordy($4.19) Form words among the 16 letter tiles.
Muddled ($2.59) Anagram word game. Form all the words you can from the letters tiles
Textropolis($2.59) Travel around the world and find the words in the city.
Wordsearch Kids($1.29) Choice of 4x4 up to 14x14 puzzles.
Wordsearch (Free or $1.29) Tap or slide to select words.
Spell and Listen Cards($6.49) Pictures and letters, look at the picture and move the letters to spell the words
Boggle($2.59 for iPhone to $4.19) Pass and Play with up to 4 friends.
Word Magic ($1.29) Find the missing letter for each word.
Montessori Crosswords ($4.19) Word Picture Crossword. 282 different pictures and words.
This Week's Words($5.29) Add your own spelling lists and be tested on your own words. Stores spelling lists. Variety of activities based on word. Choice of American or British voice.
Magnetic Alphabet (Free to $2.59) use the letters to publish your story and screen capture to Photo library.
Word Jong (Free to $2.59) Mahjong style puzzle but create words
Word Genius (Free to $1.29) Find the words in the scrambled letters.
Jirbo Wordsearch(Free to $4.19) Wordsearch game. Never see the same game, changes each time, click on a word for a defintion.
Oski HD($1.29) Play with a partner or play against the computer. Add letters to the words in the centre of the hexagon.
iCardSort (Free) Move cards around, type in information, brainstorm, use for sentence and word exercises. Could be a publishing tool as well.
WordPops(Free or $2.59) Make words from the bubbles as they appear before the bubbles fill the screen.
WordPop! Volt ($1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch ) Clear the board by creating words, the less tiles there are left the harder the game gets.
The Word Chase (Free to $1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Replace letters in words to make new words, no time limit.
Word Solitaire($2.59 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Like Number solitaire but with letters, make words from the letters. Complete the level by using all of the cards
Word Scramble Challenge Edition (Free) Make words from the letters. Play solo or challenge others.
Screen_shot_2010-12-30_at_1.27.20_PM.pngiPhone or iPad
Jumbline 2 (Free- iPhone $2.59 or Free - iPad or $4.19) make words out of the letters and beat the time clock
Word Geek(Free or $1.29) Make words from the letters and place in a crossword.
Crostix (Free-iPhoneor $5.29 or iPad- free or $5.29) Acrostic crossword with letters and clues with some letters rearranged to form a quote
Cold Spell ($1.29 for the iPhone/iPod Touch) Four game modes, compete against the clock. Compete against your friends.
Word Warp (Free- iPhone or Free - iPad) makes words from the letters and beat the clock
Squramble (Free- iPhone and Free- iPad) Find words in the grid.
iWordJuggle (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch) choose 3 words from the ones on display and then make as many words as you can from them.
Word Squares ($1.29 NZ) Unscramble the Word puzzle.
Tap the letters to exchange places and make words. Choice of 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 grids. Over a 1000 games
Bluster (Free for iPad) Rhyming words, Prefixes and Synonyms
Book Worm ($4.19 for iPhone/iPod Touch) Make as many words as you can.
Word Complete (Free for iPhone/iPod Touch; Free for iPad) Choose the correct initial letter to make the word.
Spelling Tutor ($1.29 for iPhone/iPod Touch; $1.29 for iPad) Create your own spelling lists, test yourself, email your 'report card' to your teacher.
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Futaba (Free for iPad) Up to 4 kids can play this game at one time. Guess what the word is by looking at the picture.